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Its Simple. Go to the order form and fill out your page URL. Then click the “Buy” button and it will take you to a secure purchase area on PayPal. Look for a receipt in your email and wait for 24-72 hours for your delivered followers, views, or downloads to arrive. We will keep you updated with emails along the way of the process and will let you know when your finished.

No. We will never need personal access to your page. All we need is your URL to market to and send your thousands of followers, views, or downloads to.

Delivery of your order take between 1– 24 hours. However, it depends on order quantity.

Our strategic ways is to promote your link / page to real people, although the traffic you are getting are realistic profiles to help with the process. Most of the companies that we have done this for use it as a PR support behind their marketing. Often times real people would rather follow someone with 15,000 follower rather then 15.

On a daily people lose followers due to the security of the social media sites. This is out of our control. Since this is a regularity, our suppliers give you a bit extra case you lose some. Unfortunately, we can no guarantee you any amount of followers, but can inform you that you will keep around 90% of the followers you buy.
Being that we are re-seller program, our money back and service guarantee is upon the purchase of the order. After the delivery is in processing, we can not reverse the order (followers, views, downloads) nor the charges for any purchase.
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